Meet the Artist

Jennifer Pietrow, owner of Pietrow Designs, has been working with glass since 1985. She has tried her hand at everything from large windows, to lampshades, to glass blowing, to lampwork glass beadmaking and many areas in between. Her specialty is working small. She began small, making stained glass pins, selling them at work, and took up beadmaking, and finally settled on glass fusing - which she loves. Jennifer's work is very unique as far as glass artists go, she designs all of her own glass pieces, including her line of whimsical holiday pins. "Her work is a must see!"

The creativity never wanes at Pietrow Designs! Come check out our newest jewelry line of vintage silverware jewelry - Pietrow Designs SILVER! Jennifer goes for the uniqueness in her designs once again and while she does make your classic flatware jewelry, spoon rings and floating heart necklaces, she has taken it outside the box with her scarf slides, purse pendants, fork tine rings, hair pins, and more. Be sure to come see her and check out her newest designs!